Cute Mario Bros - A Christmas Carol

Cute Mario Bros - A Christmas Carol

Mario Hates Fruit Cakes On Christmas He Was Visited By The Ghosts Of Christmas Past Present And Future


Luigi finishes decorating the Christmas tree, and ask Mario for his opinion on his hard working decorations. Mario is busy eating his Chips and drinking a bottle of chocolate milk, he claimed that he missed Luigi's statement, making Luigi have to restate his saying on the tree. Mario disagrees, and had hated Christmas for a long time since their very first Christmas. The reason being him getting a fruit cake as a gift. Mario became angry and went up to his room to sleep all day to skip Christmas and wake up on Boxing Day. Luigi became upset. Mario meets Kermit during his sleep, and he was happy that Kermit was alive. Kermit turns out to be a ghost and warns Mario that he is met by three ghost tonight. As Kermit faded away, Mario woke up, worried. The Ghost of the Christmas Past (Jack Skellington) emerges and wakes Mario up angrily Jack Shows Mario The Christmas Past They Went To Mickey Minnie Goofy Donald Daisy And Pluto's Room Where Mario Was Born On 2007 Jack Disapears Mario Met The Ghost Of Christmas Present (THE YOU GUY) The YOU Guy Shows Mario The Christmas Present YOU Guy Shows Mario His House Whe're Peach Was Cooking Some Turkey For Dinner And Mario Luigi Daisy Yoshi Donkey Kong Wario And Waluigi Are So Exited To Have Some Turkey Mashed Potatoes And Gravy Green Beans Macaroni And Cheese Corn Cranberry Sauce And Apple Pie For Christmas Dinner YOU Guy Disapears Mario Met The Ghost Of Christmas Future (The Ehh Guy) And Ehh Guy Showed Mario His Christmas Future Where Peach Donkey Kong Waluigi Daisy Luigi Wario And Yoshi Were Crying For Mario Who Died Ehh Guy Disappears While Mario Wakes Up He Told A Guy Down The Street And Asks Him What Day Is It Mario And Luigi Open The're Gifts Mario Got Luigi A Drum Kit Mario Got Peach A Unicorn Plush Mario Got Daisy A DaisyPuff Plush (From The Pajanimals) Mario Got Yoshi Some Peek'n'Peep Eggs Mario Got Donkey Kong A New Tie Mario Got Wario Some Reindeer Poop Because Wario Has Been A Bad Boy Mario Got Waluigi A Tennis Racket And Luigi Got Mario A Fruit Cake The Third Time Mario Thanks The Viewer For Watching This Episode Mario Tells Luigi Don't Give Mario A Fruit Cake Again -The End