Full Name Alien
Species Grey
First Appearance The Third Movie
Latest Appearance The Abduction

Alien is a Grey looking real Alien that appears in space and tries to kill the Mario Bros, he is the main antagonist in The Abduction.


Alien appeared in 2 Cute Mario Bros videos The Third Movie as a cameo in the ending of it and The Abduction.

The Third Movie

Alien appears as a cameo in the ending of The Third Movie.

The Abduction

Alien comes at Luigi's window and then tries to capture him but luckly Luigi closes the window but suddenly Alien captures luigi, later Alien comes back to capture Luigi again and Mario as well but when Mario, Luigi, Jack, Risk and Kermit, Alien was dancing to trick them that he wasn't doing any harm, later Alien captures Mario and Luigi into his UFO then later he was trying to find some tool to kill Mario and luigi, but when he finds the correct tool Mario and luigi were gone when Mario and luigi went to the house the Alien was about to get Mario and Luigi but luckly the ranger men found Alien and knocked him out then in the end of The Abduction we see Alien using a lawnmower.