Full Name Batman
Species Plush
First Appearance Summer Fun 2
Latest Appearance Luigi's Bad Luck

Batman is a character in Cute Mario Bros.




Luigi's Bad Luck

In Luigi's Bad Luck, Batman is seen laughing at Luigi when Mario makes him do dumb things.

Summer Fun 2

In Summer Fun 2, Mario tells Luigi a scary story about Batman, who wandered into the forest and got eaten by The Bear. Luigi has to go to the bathroom and ends up encountering The Bear and Batman, and it turns out The Bear is nice and kidnapped Batman because he had really stinky farts and wanted a friend. They then help Luigi scare Mario out of his house.

Death of Mario?

In Death of Mario, when Mario was pranking people because he is a ghost, batman  went to the refrigerator, and Mario was in it. He said, "boo", and Batman freaked out.

After Mario left, it is revealed that Batman freaked out because there's not Brisk Icee left.


  • It is revealed that he has bad breath in Summer Fun 2.


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