Cool Luigi
Cool Luigi in Mario's Rock Band
Full Name Luigi
Species Human
First Appearance Mario's Rock Band
Latest Appearance The Third Movie

Cool Luigi is a version of Luigi that is somewhat corrupted. He is the equivalent of Mr. L, as they are both versions of Luigi under the influence of a villain. While Jack likes him, Mario and Bowser take a disliking to this version of Luigi.


As Cool Luigi, Luigi is rude and arrogant, thinking he is better then everybody else (a trait usually carried by Mario instead), except for Jack who he is friends with.


Mario's Rock Band

In Mario's Rock Band, Luigi is a member of The Rockin Mario Bros, but a villain influences Luigi that he is better then the others, and Luigi becomes Cool Luigi, which eventually causes Mario to run away. It is unknown what happened, because in Summer Fun 2 it wasn't explained how or when Mario returned to the Cute Mario House.

My New Haircut

In My New Haircut, Luigi, after being teased by Mario, Jack and Sylvester, gets a new haircut and becomes Cool Luigi again.

This version of Cool Luigi has some differences.

  • Luigi is not under the influence of a villain this time.
  • Luigi's outfit as Cool Luigi is different.
  • Cool Luigi is not as mean as in Mario's Rock Band.



It is unknown if Luigi is good or bad as Cool Luigi, because although he is somewhat mean to the others, he shows no interest in defeating them unlike other villains in the series. It might be that he is just a selfish jerk but doesn't really care about anybody else.


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