Cute Mario Bros - Evil Prevails?

Cute Mario Bros - Evil Prevails?

Evil Prevails?

Bowser gets an army to defeat Mario, Luigi, Peach and Jack once and for all.


Mario, Luigi and Peach are on the couch talking, when they go into another room where Bowser is. Mario manages to defeat Bowser, and Bowser decides to put an end to them once and for all. Then he gets an army consisting of the Oogie Boogie Man, Wario, Hammer Bro, Koopa, Goomba, Chain Chomp, Freiza and Bullet Bill. Then Goomba sends a letter to Peach about a "Valentine's Game Show" at "Studio 8", and when she goes there he kidnaps her. Mario and Luigi find out, and, along with Jack, go to Bowser's hideout and a battle ensues. Mario ends up defeating Freiza, but Chain Chomp accidentally spills lava all over Mario, Luigi, Peach and Jack, defeating them. However, the events are all revealed to be in Luigi's nightmare