Hammer Bro
Hammer Bro in Evil Prevails?
Full Name Hammer Bro
Species Koopa
First Appearance Evil Prevails?
Latest Appearance Evil Prevails?
Yeah and we got the best voices in the world, right boss?
— Hammer Bro, Evil Prevails?

Hammer Bro is a villain in Cute Mario Bros.


Not much is known about Hammer Bro, except for that he has an extremely annoying voice and he always calls Bowser boss, which annoys him. He appears to be friends with Koopa.


Evil Prevails?

In Evil Prevails?, Peach gets a letter from Bowser that there will be a Valentine's Game Show in "Studio 8", which is really Bowser's Lair. Bowser then kidnaps her and, along with the Oogie Boogie Man, Wario, Hammer Bro, Koopa, Chain Chomp, Goomba and Freiza, defeat Mario, Luigi, Peach and Jack by spilling lava onto them. However, it all turns out to be in Luigi's dream.

Death of Mario?

When Luigi recruits Mario as a super-spy, their first mission is to save Jack, who were captured by Waluigi, Wario, BowserGoomba, Chain Chomp, and Hammer Bro. They also got ahold of his Jack Snacks so they could taste it. Mario and Luigi manage to fight and beat Goomba, Chain Chomp, and Hammer Bro in a fight. They give the Jack Snacks over without even arguing. After they lose the Jack Snacks, Hammer Bro decided they should go to McDonalds and get some burgers. They go to McDonalds, leaving Jack all alone.


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