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Name= Kamek

Species= Magikoopa

Age= unknown

First appearance = The Blue terror rise (and last appearance)

Before the arrival

When Kamek wanted the piece of a fire flower key so bad, he intrudes the second toadsworth's house. He demanded him to surrender the piece of a fire flower key, but he refuses. He instead captured his assistant, Toadette and successfully destroyed the inside ofmthe house and believed he is dead. They were been from miles away fromthe second toadsworth's house.

The Battle

Kamek knew that the plumbers were coming to rescue Toadette. He was battling with the mario bros in order to stop them from rescuing the assistant. Luigi attempt to get Toadettemwithout being seen, but Kamek spotted him and frozed him into a frozen solid cube. Mario audennly got angry and killed Kamek as he failed to stop the bros.

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