Malleo in Cousin Malleo
Full Name Malleo
Species Human
First Appearance Cousin Malleo
Latest Appearance Cute Mario Bros: The Third Movie (as Mario's inner demon)
Portrayed by Tyler
No Luigi you don't understand! This is not an illusion!
— Malleo, Cousin Malleo

Malleo is Mario's cousin who only appears in Cousin Malleo. He is identical to Mario, except his voice is different, his face is somewhat different and he doesn't have a glued-on head. Malleo is also very good at making pasta. In the episode, Malleo comes from Italy to Canada to visit his cousin, Mario. However, all of Mario's friends take a liking to him and no longer like Mario. Peach also becomes Malleo's girlfriend instead. However, after Malleo leaves everything goes back to normal.


Malleo is very friendly and helpful, such as opening Jack's Jack Snacks which he couldn't open himself, making him the exact opposite of Mario. However, this annoys Mario greatly.


  • Malleo is sometimes used as a stunt double for Mario.