Cute Mario Bros - Mario's Birthday

Cute Mario Bros - Mario's Birthday

Mario's Birthday, is the second episode in the second season of Cute Mario Bros. The episode was originally released on August 21, 2008 and currently has 5.3 million views.


The episode begins with Mario waking up in the morning, realizing that it is his birthday. As he is getting ready for his day, he freaks out at the sight of him getting old but passes it off as a false theory. However, Mario grows even more paranoid when CNN questions if Mario is getting too old and if he should be replaced. Mario breaks down as Luigi is confused as to why Mario is upset. Luigi attempts to comfort Mario, telling him that he can't be old and that he is 'the youngest person in the world'. This only works for a short period of time before Mario breaks down again and locks himself in his room.

Guilty of his brother's emotions, Luigi decides to throw a party for Mario to try and make him feel better. He calls several friends, including Sylvester and The Ehh and YOU! Guy. At the party, Mario feels slightly better but is still tough on himself, claiming that his friends got him 'old people stuff'. The Ehh and YOU! Guy, for example, got him a Gillette Fusion razor and half-eaten cheese. Afterwards, Mario is given a cupcake and now feels satisfied with his birthday. Luigi then gives Mario a surprise gift and Mario is in shock of what Luigi gets him.