Cute Mario Bros - Mario's Illness

Cute Mario Bros - Mario's Illness

Mario's Illness

Mario and luigi watch a film luigi gives him a shake

that made him sick he went to a hospital and feels better

Creator: Jacoby Davis

Storyboard Writers: Chris Tucci, Julie Newton

Writers: Ethan Martin, Megan Daniel, George Williamson

Director: Ben Perry


Mario and Luigi are going to watch Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer. However, Mario is hungry and wants a shake. Luigi makes it, and it is delicious to Mario at the time, until the next morning Mario is sick with the stomach fever and Mario thinks it was the Chinese food Luigi put in it. Mario asks Luigi to get him stuff, but Mario's special "needs" start to get out of hand, and Luigi gets fed up. However, after some advice from Jack, Luigi goes to check on Mario, who is fainted in the bedroom. Luigi takes him to the hospital and Mario is better thanks to Sylvester's help. Mario tells Luigi that if Luigi ever gets sick, he will take care of him. Suddenly, Luigi sneezed and asks for a tissue, and Mario tells him to get it himself and shoved him




  • When Mario throws Luigi, Luigi's hat falls off.
  • This is one of the only episode where Jack is only given a very short appearance.
  • When Luigi reads The Nightmare Before Christmas book, he read it in Jack's voice which may mean that Jack's voice actor might be Ricky, instead of Brandon Kinney.
  • Mario appears as a human when he is fainted on the bed.
  • Luigi's shake is actually filled with live worms, but we're probably taken out after the cut.
  • When Mario is throwing up, there is a bowl that came out of nowhere.
  • Many fans have commented on the shake scene saying that it was extremely disgusting.