Mrs. Stinkybutt
Mrs stinkybutt
Full Name Mrs. Stinkybutt
Species Human
First Appearance Summer Fun 2
Latest Appearance Mystery of the Stolen Hat

Mrs. Stinkybutt is Mario, Luigi and Jack's annoying teacher in Cute Mario Bros.


Summer Fun 2

In Summer Fun 2, Mario, Luigi and Jack are in school, but Mario tricks Mrs. Stinkybutt and makes the clock go to the end of school early. Then he knocks her out with a plastic ball.

Mystery of the Stolen Hat

In Mystery of the Stolen Hat, Mrs. Stinkybutt ( made an cameo appearance )is encountered by Mario and Luigi at the School of Doom. Then they kill her with a rock.

Mario's Rock Band

In Mario's Rock Band, Mrs. Stinkybutt make another small cameo appearance. Luigi goes out for a walk to show everybody how cool he is. One of the people Luigi passes is Mrs. Stinkybutt and somebody else next to her, who happily scream and yell that they love Luigi.

Future (Season 4)

Many users had proclaimed that Mrs. Stinkybutt would claim the role of the main antagonist of Season 4 in the series. Many plans were set up, one being that Mrs. Stinkybutt would poison Mario with a Poison Mushroom, and that Luigi (along with Phineas and Ferb) would have to search for a cure before Mario died. Others claimed that she would make clones of Mario and Luigi, similar to Shadow Mario and Shadow Luigi, that would ruin Mario's and Luigi's reputations, and would drive their friends away from them, allowing the clones to fight and kill them. The largest rumor is that she would've resurrected Gonzo in a finale movie "Gonzo Returns", in order to help her secure a rule of the Mushroom Kingdom and destroy Mario and Luigi once and for all. However, it would later be revealed that Gonzo was in fact a clone of the original Gonzo. The Gonzo clone would've been killed, while Mrs. Stinkybutt's organization would've been crushed and she would be imprisoned in jail were she could no longer cause trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom. However, all of these rumors are yet to be confirmed, although Mrs. Stinkybutt could potentially appear in the season.


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