Cute Mario Bros - Mystery of the Stolen Hat

Cute Mario Bros - Mystery of the Stolen Hat

Luigi's Hat Is Missing And Doesn't Know How To Find It First They Went To The Forest (From SMRPG) Then They Went To Kindergarten And Finally They Went To The Place Where Luigi's Hat Is.

Creator: Jacoby Davis

Storyboard Writers: George Williamson, Megan Daniel

Writers: Andrew Kline, Ricky Howard, Ron Moore

Director: Lance Johnson


Luigi wakes up in a perfect mood, and checks the weather. along the way, he meets up with Winnie The Pooh Tigger Piglet Rabbit Owl Eyore Kessie Kanga And Roo who Said Oh AH YOU SO UGLY! AHHH!", and runs away. Later Luigi walks downstairs to see Mario eating Nothing. Mario also Luigi ugly, in which he promptly states: "no offense Luigi, but you look like a rhinoceros's butt-hole" Luigi, goes to get some cereal out of his teeth, and see's his hat is missing! Mickey is then aiding Luigi help him find the hat, and Luigi tells his fondest Childhood memory. They found a secret map and Mario and Luigi follow it to the forbidden Forest where the meet up with the Eeh! guy and the YOU guy. they let them past. Mario and Luigi then go to the school of doom, and defeat Miss Stinky Butt, and then go to the Location of the Hat thief who turns out to be Jack, who asks for attention. They throw Jack in the trash, and walk home, happy everything is normal again.



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