Sappy the Sad Skunk! - Cute Mario Bros09:06

Sappy the Sad Skunk! - Cute Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi love their new switch. Mario told Luigi to throw away their Wii U. Luigi throws away his Wii U when he saw a skunk in the Dumpster. He showed him to Mario and then Mario got angry and Threw him out the door. Then Mario went back to playing the switch when The skunk came back Wimpering out the window. Then Mario got mad again and decided to just keep him. Then Luigi got Happy again. They decided to name him "Sappy". They were introducing him to Peach, Jack, Mickey, & Kermit but they just ran away and made him sad.

They were trying to make him happy but they didn't have any luck. At nighttime, Sappy heard Mario and Luigi talking to Jack and He thought they were talking about him. Then, Sappy ran away. The next Morning Mario and Luigi found out Sappy ran away so they put up fliers and Were searching for Sappy. They finally found him at the Lake. When Mario and Luigi found out he was alive, They were hugging him because they were worried about him. Then they told Sappy that they were talking about someone else. He was so happy he was crying.

  • When Sappy was wimpering out the window, It sounds like a dog.
  • At the end, Sappy was smiling.
  • Sappy is a Permanent charater.

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