Cute Mario Bros

Cute Mario Bros. - The Leprechaun

The Leprechaun is an episode in Cute Mario Bros..


Mario is playing Super Mario World but dies and throws a tantrum. Luigi comes in to tell him about Leprechauns on St. Patrick's Day. Mario doesn't believe him and tells Luigi that he believed in the Santa Claus at the mall, even though that wasn't

Mario playing SMW

Mario Playing his Super Mario World Game.

Santa, it was their neighbor Phil. Luigi gets upset and angrily shoots Phil. Mario asks Luigi if he attacked Phil so Luigi lies and says no. They watch CNN to see if anybody has found Leprechauns and people say there have been sightings everywhere. Mario doesn't believe still but when he sees one while making toast he runs to tell Luigi. Luigi is playing Super Mario World and does like Mario and gets angry again. Mario tells him he saw a Leprechaun. Mario and Luigi then set out to find him. They find him in the backyard and try to grab but he teleports away. Mario and Luigi then decide to make a trap by using a cooler and Guinness, a Leprechaun's favorite drink. They get him in the cooler and lift the cooler up but the Leprechaun has already teleported out of the box. Mario and Luigi then get Lucky Charms prompting him to get close, then the Mario Bros. get him. The Leprechaun then decides as a reward to give them gold. Mario and Luigi are excited until they found out its gold chocolate. They then beat him up and take the candy, but find out someone already stolen the chocolate. Mario and Luigi then go home. The Ehh Guy stole the chocolate to share with The YOU! Guy. The YOU! Guy says the chocolate was the best thing since he ate some "soggy" Oh Henry! bars. The Ehh Guy then says he didn't think those were Oh Henry! bars and The YOU! Guy yells back at him "THOSE WERE OH HENRY BARS! The End.



This is about The Ehh Guy and The You! Guy takes Gold Chocolate.


  • This is the St. Patrick's Day episode.
  • This episode actually aired on YouTube three days after St. Patrick Day.
  • This Oh Henry bars the YOU! was probably sticks.