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time string (don't delete it)

A time string is an object that allows somebody to travel through time. Mickey and Toadsworth invented it

based off of the knowledge of the time stone.

How It's Used

As long as somebody is holding the string, they could travel through time if they want to. Time strings could be used as many times as somebody wants, but only one person could travel through time with it.


A time string simply looks just like a regular string.


Cute Mario Bros. The Movie

In the Cute Mario Bros The Movie, Mickey falls from the sky, being supported by his time string and warns Mario and Luigi about Kermit, who he possibly saw in the future. Mario and Luigi don't believe him, though later, they do.

The Blue Terror

In The Blue Terror, Mickey falls from the sky again, being supported by his time string again and warns Mario and Luigi about Gonzo, who he possibly saw in the future.

The Rise of Gonzo

In the Rise of Gonzo, when Mickey travels to the future, Mario learned about time stones and time strings. When Mario was ready to go back in the past and fix his relationship with Luigi, Mickey gave Mario is only time string. Mickey mentioned that they were out of time stones, so Mario would have to say goodbye to Mickey and Toadsworth because he would never see them again.


  • Time Strings can only be used by one person, but you can use it as many times as you want, and Timestone can be used by multiple people, but you can only use it once.
  • Apparently, splitting the string in half can also be done to make two people travel as well (as proven by Luigi when he broke the time string in half in The Third Movie).