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Hello Adam43! Thank you for joining the Cute Mario Bros Wiki. Here are some things to help you get around.

Users to meetEdit

  • Dragonian King: Our founder. He can get you started with anything and everything.
  • Cp kid: Another admin. He can also help you out.
  • Lm34gt45: Another admin. He is the only user in his timezone so he can assist with deleting spam and blocking users when the other admins aren't online.
  • Everyone: Everyone wants to meet you. Don't be shy to send a message to somebody if you need help, or just want to make a new friend!

Fun StuffEdit

  • Polls - There are weekly polls on the main page. Feel free to take them!
  • User of the Month - Users can vote on a featured user each month. However, this hasn't started yet.
  • Article of the Month - Every month, an article will be featured.
  • Image of the Month - Every month, an image will be featured.
  • Watch Cute Mario Bros. - Watch episodes of Cute Mario Bros! These can be seen under the "Community" column.

You may also want to read the policy to avoid being blocked. Please leave a message on an administrator's talk page if you need help with anything!

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