Cute Mario Bros03:34

Cute Mario Bros. - "Valentines Day Special" (2010)

Mario Saw A Girl Named Peach.

Creator: Jacoby Davis

Storyboard Writers: Ron Moore, Evan Thompson, Megan Daniel

Writers: Ricky Howard, Ben Perry, Ethan Martin

Director: Craig Ashton


Mario hasn't yet found the right girl for Valentine's Day. Suddenly, he sees Princess Peach, who immobilizes Mario by love. Mario, with the help of Luigi, has a talk with Peach, but he messes up the lines, making Peach angry and causing her to go away from Mario and Luigi. Wario sees this and goes to Peach and asks her to go out with him. Mario sees this and starts to fight with Wario. Peach tells them to stop, but they don't. Just then Peach sees Jack and goes out on a date with him. But Peach then asks Jack to get married prompting him to freak out causing Peach to becomes Mario's Wife again.



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